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Linking is very simple: Just use the link address "" and preferably the app name "". If you configure mobile devices, the use of web clips might be desirable.

Integration offers more options by including various data in the link.

This requires a partner token - please get in touch to obtain your token!

Main URL:{your partner token string}

Available Query Parameters:

Alternatively, the complete ATC FPL string can be handed over query parameter (check URI component encode):

Simple Example:

Using our color scheme and/or icon is highly appreciated:

On mutual agreement, advanced automation for your partner token is possible, for calling with route:

  • Extensive pre-selection of map options
  • Auto-triggering of route calculation
  • Auto-declutter after short delay
  • Inhibition of "accept terms" dialogue, when terms of use are safely brought to user attention before invoking

Please get in touch for detailed alignment.

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